This is a remarkable book. Written in a diary form, in 44 instalments spanning the years 1994 to 2005, with a glimpse into the future summarised in two imaginary letters dated 2015, it combines a description of rebuilding a family farm in Poland with thoughts on wider aspects of interaction of communities and nations. The combination is entertaining and original. (T.S)

Forty Four Bells suggests a social, political and economic response to present-day world problems, rather than seeing them as perennial context of human spiritual inadequacy - he proposes Idsanism, where the members grouped in units known as Hundreds would promote the awareness of political dangers facing the world and their mitigation. (T.R.)

Matthew Wallis believes "US are trying to bankrupt the world to buy it on the cheap" aiming to transform the environment into a hegemonic continuum, static, manageable and directed by an Oligarchy of the Rich.

Few people in the UK really understand what is it that drives the American Administration - the Author discovers and documents the hidden under-text of power forces of today, in a polemic causing vertigo, with images of "1984" and of "Iron Heel".

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